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14H34CpkXd5aMoaBgVQkoaLkgcXXX 0.00010353 BTC 1 day ago
14z5wXGzDzSpMRpnc1bN3bcF7NXXX 0.00002329 BTC 1 day ago
1DCShcNUf92NCaSZsaVNzMNiK5XXX 0.00002000 BTC 1 day ago
1FGaRvqmXtQSEyWLYSsbRsp1VeXXX 0.00003831 BTC 1 day ago
1JS7p4fESh8gvbzNpoc8BwGe1DXXX 0.00003654 BTC 1 day ago
1Pta1oivyFCTLBaayFGTEdpBjoXXX 0.00003697 BTC 1 day ago
1LidRaMwUw6jVDPfx86GKuqrxUXXX 0.00003436 BTC 1 day ago
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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the questions you might have asked

  1.  You are not allowed to use VPS, VPN, PROXY, TOR or/and BOTS.
  2. Only 1 account per IP is allowed.
  3. We use Bitcoin for DEPOSIT and Bitcoin for instant WITHDRAW.

  1. We accept deposits via Bitcoin.
  2. Min deposit is just 20000 satoshis.
  3. Click the DEPOSIT button and get bitcoin wallet for send payment.
  4. Complete the payment and get your GH/s instantly.

  1. We use Bitcoin for instant withdrawals.
  2. Min Cashout is just 2000 satoshi.
  3. We process payments every 1-4h.
  4. In case of large withdrawal, a manual confirmation is required.
  5. In order to unlock withdraw a min deposit of 20000 satoshis is required, this help us prevent fraud.

1 GH/s = 1000 satoshis

How many days does the mining power last after the purchase?
Duration of mining power is 100 days.

Can I reinvest my earnings?
Of course, but this feature will be removed.

How many satoshi does the miner mine every 24h?
1 GH/s generate 15 satoshis daily.

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